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Affiliate Bots V2 Review

Everybody is trying a proven method to make money online with affiliate marketing among the top legitimate ways to earn money. Even though popular, the downside of affiliate marketing is the time it takes to see results. In order to start earning commissions marketers need to be patient. However, with the revolutionary Affiliate Bots V2, users are promised to see faster results.

What is Affiliate Bots 2.0?

In November 2018, its developer launched Affiliate Bots and in February 2019, it received an upgrade to version V2 offering users more software.

It is a tool containing 37 different programs and software specifically designed to enhance affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate Bots V2 Developer

Chris X is the developer of Affiliate Bots and as a marketing specialist and professional in the affiliate industry, he reports that Affiliate Bots increased his monthly revenue to between $5 and $15k. Chris X first started with online marketing in 2006 and is the creator of other marketing tools like Affiliate Titan and Social Titan.

How Does Affiliate Bots V2 Work?

Any newcomer can use the easy three-step method to start earning.

Step One – Choose the affiliate program of your choice

Users will be able to take their affiliate marketing to the next level when choosing one of the 7, 000 affiliate programs within Affiliate Bots V2. It enables you to identify profitable networks like WarriorPlus, JVZoo and ClickBank as well as new product launches, email updates, views the SEO competition on YouTube and Google and more.

Step Two – Automatic Conversion Enhancement

Affiliate Bots V2 also allows for scanning and researching the top trafficked websites for increased traffic opportunities. Furthermore, enhance conversion rates with integrated widgets that create pop-ups to target specific groups of website traffic. If you don’t have a website, you will be able to create one in under a minute with complete templates. Furthermore, use the integrated software to scan for a suitable Domain Name.

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Step Three – Free Buyer Traffic

Few programs can boast of its own search engine which you will find within Affiliate Bots V2. Earning potential is guaranteed as it comes with its own cloud search engine where more than 239 billion visitors roam monthly. You have 18 traffic opportunities in an instant for 100k websites.


  1. Money back guaranteed with a 60-day return policy making it risk-free.
  2. Online support available 24/7.
  3. The software is compatible with most platforms including Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows.
  4. It includes AutoMailer Software allowing unlimited email sending.
  5. Allowing its users to dominate email and YouTube marketing, as well as, auto-rotate ClickBank Banners with the inclusion of world-class video creation.
  6. Earn commissions daily with the use of 37 auto bots
  7. It easily helps you to find the most profitable affiliate program.
  8. No experience or skills required.
  9. Equally suitable to seasoned professional marketers and newcomers to affiliate marketing.
  10. A combination of artificial intelligence and automation allow for easy and quick affiliate commissions.


  1. Beginners might find it overwhelming
  2. As a cloud-based program, you need a stable internet connection


Any business that you launch has its own challenges and affiliate marketing is no different. Even though it is an excellent online earning method it is also one of the methods which take time to see results.

When you invest in Affiliate Bots V2, earning is simplified and time-sliced tremendously with money coming in much faster. This is possible with the 37 bots that work through automation and AI.

With the zero risk and money-back guarantee, the affiliate marketing opportunities are endless, and the helpful tools will do the work for you.



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