Rendered 3D Book Mockup Cover and Spine

Free Online 3D Book Mockup Generator

We’ve all seen those impressive 3D book mockups so beloved by internet marketeers and book publishers, and we have to admit that they’re great at getting the product to pop out of the screen and grab the viewers attention. So wouldn’t it be great if we could create one for our own project, it shouldn’t be so difficult to cobble one together, I mean it’s only a cover image, a spine and some textured pattern to simulate the page edges, isn’t it? Well maybe it is for a half decent graphics designer, but believe me for the average ‘Microsoft Paint’ user it’s nigh on impossible to get anything remotely resembling a realistic looking paper book. So where do we go from here, well we could go to a site like and pay a freelancer to do the work for you but this could get expensive especially if you have more than one book to promote or if you require multiple tweaks and revisions to get the perfect result. So what about all those free services advertised on the web, well the catch here is that the free designs are not the best and you end up paying for their premium service.

So what’s is my recommended solution? Well its a over at this great little website which is owned and run by Derek Murphy. Here you’ll find a wealth of absolutely free resources to help aspiring authors and publishers get their book to market. Within this treasure trove you’ll also find this invaluable online software tool:

>> The Free Online 3d Book Cover Creator <<

It’s a simple 3 step process to create your professional 3d Book Cover

Step 1: Choose a 3D Mockup Design

First simply select your book design from the following:

Selection of 3D and 2D Book Cover Mockup Templates

Step 2: Select Your Book Cover Image Artwork

Here you select your book cover artwork

Book Cover and Spine Artwork

If the selected template is oriented to display the spine then you need to upload a secondary image. Here are the cover and spine images for our example book:

Book Spine and Cover Artwork

Step 3: Download Your Free Book Mockup

Select the file type for your book mockup either PNG or JPG

Mockup File Type JPG or PNG

Next download your Book Mockup, and that’s how easy it is!

Here’s our professional rendered book cover created in less than 5 Minutes!

Rendered 3D Book Mockup Cover and Spine