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Smart Funnelz PRO Review

Most internet marketers struggle to get more traffic and attract new business which is nothing strange when you regard the massive competition every avenue faces. Smart Funnelz sets you apart as you create polls and quizzes that allow you to gain customer email addresses.

Most of the marketers are struggling to generate leads online. This maybe because creating their own Sales Funnels and Money Pages are not on their line of expertise but play an important role in internet marketing.

What Is Smart Funnelz?

As a cloud-based app, Smart Funnelz has two main factors that give every online marketer the chance to create infinite sales, leads and commissions. Behind Smart Funnelz is the power of interactive surveys and tests that take only seconds to create.

Once your target market experienced the test channel, they have options like visiting your site, choose to opt-in or in addition access the Money Pages. On these pages, you can sell products and services, advertising, promotional codes, Google monetization, free items, etc. What you would appreciate is the customizable ability or using the Money Page as is.

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Smartfunnelz Sales Funnel Software

Who Is Smart Funnelz For?

When your profit lies in email marketing, this is an excellent tool. It is great for new online businesses relying on email marketing while existing online businesses benefit equally well to grow traffic and increase sales.


  1. Easy to launch the first quiz
  2. Easy-to-use and attractive drag and drop Money Page and Funnel Builder
  3. No need to pay outsourcers again
  4. 1-click social sharing
  5. Zero technical knowledge required
  6. No need to own a website or existing products
  7. Build your email list and drive profits at the same time
  8. Choose to which page you want to redirect immediately after you displayed results
  9. Choose to capture users’ email addresses prior to displaying their results
  10. Insert images and videos into quizzes
  11. A vast number of polls and quizzes can be created
  12. Get instant payment with PayPal integration
  13. Attractive templates to choose from to create numerous Money Pages
  14. Cloud-hosted with no need to download apps or software


  1. Stable internet connection required


Smartfunnelz 3 Simple Steps

How Does It Work?

Start Getting Hot Leads And Boost Your Conversions In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Step #1
Login to the Smart Funnelz dashboard click ‘Start’ to create a campaign

Step #2
Easily customize your new funnel, the op-in, and add a money page anywhere you want with just a few mouse clicks (no technical skills or experience needed)

Step #3
Sit back as you get massive engagement, collect leads, and generate sales & commissions!

Watch The Awesome Smart Funnelz In Action…


Users love taking quizzes and with Smart Funnelz you can create polls, personality quizzes and trivia quiz. These quizzes are proven to be extremely powerful to lead to leads and new traffic which turn into commissions. Keep in mind that the quiz results can be sent to various Money Page types to create super-targeted funnels.

Smart Funnelz is entertaining shareable, engaging, command attention and very versatile. It is the hidden gem to generate leads and highly recommended.


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