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WP Commission Machine Review – Passive Income from AliExpress, Ebay & Amazon

All internet marketers dream of earning passive commissions from top online giants like Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. These stores generate billions of dollars and on only one of these sites, more than 500, 000 products are sold per day.

Each day more than 10000 affiliates earn their commissions. When you buy something from any one of these eCommerce platforms, an affiliate gets his or her commission. If you want to be the one getting paid for purchases online, you need a couple of affiliate sites. Now it is possible WITHOUT building additional eCommerce affiliate websites.

What is Ecommerce Commission Machine?

A simple solution to a potentially big problem is an easy way to describe Ecommerce Commission Machine. It is a software program that builds an affiliate website in three clicks and it works on autopilot. While it is only one website, it works with more than one huge eCommerce platform. All three of the giants that you would love to target, are ready to start earning you commission with a single plug-in.

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WP Commission Machine Amazon Ebay and AliExpress

How Does Ecommerce Commission Machine Work?

It is as simple as one, two, three to start earning with Ecommerce Commission Machine. Start with:

Step One – add your products by entering niche keywords which will automatically find and add the products

Step Two – Choose your categories and filtering to add products

Step Three – click submit and everything is added in under 51 seconds

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Main Features and Advantages

  1. Unlimited number of products added from any or all three of the big eCommerce sites to give you big commission earnings
  2. Single product imports can be done through ASIN or ID if you wish to search by name, ASIN or ID instead of using niche keywords
  3. Intelligent Dashboard gives you full view to track your products and commissions
  4. WP Commission Machine converts global currencies allowing you to accommodate customers irrespective of country or currency
  5. Irrespective of the country, the plugin integrates seamlessly, for example, Amazon with its sperate versions for different countries
  6. Advanced filtering and search options to find products through ratings, price, keyword, etc.
  7. Software that gives you set and forget options by automatically importing new products to your chosen categories
  8. No need to hassle with additional details like detailed item descriptions and customer reviews as the plug-in does all of that for you
  9. Setup and launch your website in under a minute
  10. Your affiliate links are automatically added without the need to enter affiliate links ever again
  11. AliExpress is just a single click away as China’s fastest eCommerce platform
  12. Amazon is a one-click operation with only the need of entering the relevant keyword and have the products added to your website
  13. eBay is instant and allows multiple and single product imports
  14. User-friendly
  15. All WordPress themes accepted


Demo Video:

Good Points

1. Helps you build instant affiliate sites for Amazon, Ebay & AliExpress.
2. Work on any wordpress theme
3. Newbie Friendly
4. Super easy to use
5. Awesome Bonuses included
6. Responsive technical support

WP Commission Machine 3in1 Plugin

Bad Points

1. You need to contact support desk for any questions
2. You need affiliate IDs for any sites you want to import products or promote from.
3. AliExpress takes a long time to approve new affiliates.


WP Commission Machine is highly recommended and makes it simple and very easy to start earning a passive income. It is super fast to set up in under 60 seconds, easy to add products to your affiliate site and you can be one of the marketers that earn daily commissions from sales from these three eCommerce giants. While on autopilot your website will grow daily with new products added.

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